We began playing together as The Lesser Ape during the height of the pandemic. We'll call it a calculated risk we were all willing to participate in for the sake of playing some music. Bassist, James Maldonado (JamesJorge.com) and Saxophonist, Adam Ramsey had been performing together for almost 10 years in NYC with their dysfunctional, sloppy jazz group, the Cabinetmakers. By the way of an introduction from a fellow musician, we were introduced to guitarist Jon Koerner, whose endless creativity and attention to detail helped tighten our harmonic presence. Last to jump on the train was Luke Schneiders on drums. Luke came to The Lesser Ape courtesy of a neighborly introduction, a literal "my neighbor plays the drums" kind of thing. As it turned out, Luke and James were two ships passing in the night as they had both attended the same college with Luke leaving the school the year before James arrived. Put that all together and BLAM, The Lesser Ape was formed! Each member brings their own unique taste to the table by submitting their favorite repertoire, offering our audience a very eclectic mash-up of jazz, fusion, Balkan, and anything else we feel like doing.  Read on to find out where and when they will perform next in the Hudson Valley/Catskill Region and anywhere else they may end up.